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软件 Meta Trader 4
地址 First Floor, Mandar House, Johnson's Ghut, P.O. Box 3257, Road Town, Tortola

Forex4you is a brand of E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc. (the Company). The Company is registered in the British Virgin Islands (no: 1384287) in accordance with the Companies Act (Chapter 285) and International Business Companies Act (Chapter 291). The scope of activity of the Company is providing foreign exchange brokerage services on the Internet using electronic payment systems. The Company is authorized and regulated by the FSC under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 License#: SIBA/L/12/1027. Forex4you brand has been registered by the Company in many countries, including India and exists since 2007.

Creating Forex4you brand, our main goal was to create an opportunity for each client to enter Forex market, starting with aCent account to learn the basics of trading, and then open a Classic account to begin making profits and get good skills and then to eventually start working with a real Pro account to fully apply all the knowledge. We are now proud to offer high-tech professional services to our clients. When we took the name Forex4you, it wasn't an accident. We spent a long time looking for a name that reflected our business and what we do for our customers.

Broker forex4you makes forex affordable with Classic Account. This offers the following benefits: Miniforex and miniforex trading – trade as little as 1/1000th of a lot or $100. Margins from 1:10 to 1:500 – you need as little as $2 of capital per $1,000 trade

Broker forex 4 you also offers Cent Accounts to help you learn forex by trading in cents, not dollars. With a Cent Account, you'll be able to do everything below: Make trades as small as 1/10,000 of a lot or $10. Trade on margins up to 1:500 – a $10 trade only needs 2 cents of your money. Learn about forex trading using real money – but with minimal risk.

While you're learning with your Cent Account, we want you to understand how you’re doing. We offer a free performance analysis service that lets you do the following things: Evaluate your trading performance. Understand the risks as your margin levels rise. Track other performance indicators - such as transaction periodicity and recovery factors. Get recommendations on how to improve your trading strategy. The broker’s team is constantly improving its services based on customers’ reviews.

Building relationships with our clients, we focus on offering high technology, being professional and constant development. Long-term sincere and transparent communication is what we regard as of paramount importance. Using the latest technologies and cooperating with leading trading software development companies, Forex4you encourages traders’ development and strives to provide the fastest No Dealing Desk (NDD) access to the interbank market. In 2011 the Company started to focus on its own development and technology innovations in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of customer services. To get the full info about the company’s services a trader will need to login to the broker’s web site.

Forex4you 交易条款和条件

地址 First Floor, Mandar House, Johnson
总部 Tortola
小数点后的数字 4
最小位置尺寸 0.01
扩展类型 fixed
Pip传播在专业 1-3
杠杆 500:1
ECN, $ 1000
标准帐户,$ 100
迷你帐户,$ 100
热门付款方式 Credit Cards, Wire Transfer, WebMoney
其他仪器 CFDs
语言 English, Russian
平台 MetaTrader 4
基础 2006

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