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Marshall Islands Business Corporation Act
软件 MetaTrader4/5, Sirix
地址 Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MN96960.

Our company was founded in 2005 to make the Forex market accessible, safe, easy and profitable for traders from all over the world.  Guided by those purposes, we were the first to introduce cent accounts with the initial deposit of as little as $1, thus making Forex available to thousands of clients. Nowadays, LiteForex broker is one of leading brokerage companies that unites traders worldwide. LiteForex is on the top 100 companies list according to World Finance. Our representative offices are opened throughout the world.

Trading accounts
Spread    Fixed, from 3 pips
Leverage    1:1000—1:1
Minimum deposit    $10
Recommended deposit    $50
Account base currency    USD cents, EUR cents, CHF cents, RUB kopecks
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    0
Lot size ($)    1000
Minimum lot    0,1
Maximum lot    100
Minimum step    0,01

Spread    Fixed, from 2 pips
Leverage    1:500 - 1:1
Minimum deposit    $100
Account base currency    USD, EUR, CHF, RUB
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    3,5
Lot size ($)    100 000
Minimum lot    0,01
Maximum lot    100
Minimum step    0,01

Spread    Floating, from 0,9 pip(s)
Leverage    1:400—1:1
Minimum deposit    $500
Account base currency    USD, EUR, СHF, RUB
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    7,5
Lot size ($)    100 000
Minimum lot    0,01
Maximum lot    100
Minimum step    0,01

Spread    Floating, from 0,9 pip(s)
Leverage    1:200 - 1:1
Minimum deposit    $200
Account base currency    USD
Islamic accounts    available
Rate, % per annum    0
Lot size ($)    10 000
Minimum lot    0,01
Maximum lot    1000
Minimum step    0,01

Trading Platforms
LiteForex provides its clients with MetaTrader 4, by far the most popular trading platform.  Our clients can also access the cutting-edge platform MetaTrader 5. Freely downloadable applications for trading via mobile devices (Android, iOS and other OS) are always at hand. 
The trading platform Sirix, the most advanced trading platform with the portability of an easily downloadable mobile application, provides our traders with a social trading option so that they could follow and copy expert gurus around the world to help them confidently make trading decisions and build impressive expert portfolios.
Unique Features
LiteForex has developed its own unique multilevel bonus program Bring a friend 2.0 that boasts the following exceptional attributes: 
1.    A 20% bonus on deposit
2.    $15, $10, $5, $2 as balance funds paid for attracted clients 
3.    Affiliate commission of 2 pips from attracted clients' transactions.
4.    Participation in the prize raffle every 3 moths
5.    Huge trading profits
Also, LiteForex’s clients can go for one of the various affiliate programs that provide the best fee rates to partners.
The most popular affiliate programs:
Rebate:  2 pips (up to $20) per a referral’s trade and 10% of sub-partners’ income.
CPS:  $ 50 for a client who has conducted more than 50 trades and 10% of sub-partners’ revenue.
CPL:  up to $ 25 for each new client and 10% of sub-partners’ revenue. 

Deposits and Withdrawals
The minimum initial deposit for LiteForex’s clients is 10$. The maximum leverage amounts to 1:1000. These are the best conditions for beginners as they provide them with risk-free trading experience. Free demo account is also available for the broker’s customers. LiteForex’s clients can deposit with the usage of more than 50 payment systems. The most popular ones are Skrill, WebMoney, bank wire transfers or direct deposits via VISA and MasterCard. There's no limit to how much money clients can withdraw. The automatic processing of withdrawal requests the Company has introduced recently speeds up the process of funds withdrawals and reduces waiting times for all clients. So, the withdrawal is automatic, fast and unlimited. Besides, LiteForex is one of the islamic forex brokers offering Islamic types of accounts. All these male LiteForex forex broker very comfortable for trading on the currency market.

Customer Support
LiteForex’s clients are guaranteed twenty-four-hour technical assistance 5 days a week. The “single window” system makes it possible to receive competent advice on any matter by use of LiveChat. Each client is provided with a personal manager as well. “The Best Client Service” award received at the 6th International Investment & Finance Exposition confirms our staff’s high competence and client-oriented service approach. On the company’s website you can find how to use LiteForex and how to trade on LiteForex as well as where is LiteForex located .

LiteForex broker clients are assured of the complete safety of their personal information. Non-trading operations at LiteForex are safe as well. The HTTPS data encryption protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) used in Personal Profiles provides safe data transfers between the client and the server and excludes any acts of the client’s personal data interception.

Lite Forex broker takes pride in its revolutionary services and exceptional trading conditions that yield high profits for traders, partners and account managers worldwide. Join LiteForex and check it out!  

LiteForex  comes to various forex broker ratings in different nominations including best islamic forex broker. On the company’s profile page at our website you can read LiteForex reviews by other traders as well as write your personal LiteForex review of your personal experience with the broker. To add a forex review in this forex rating you need to login to the site. 

LiteForex 交易条款和条件

地址 Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands MN96960.
总部 Marshall Islands
免费电话 Canada Toll-free - 1-888-746-5619 UK Toll Free - 0-808-189-1398 Russia Toll-free - 8-800-707-2963 Malaysia Toll-free - 1-800-815-303 Indonesia Toll-free - 001-803-015-203-9772
小数点后的数字 4,5
最小位置尺寸 0.01
扩展类型 fixed and variable
Pip传播在专业 0.4
杠杆 1000
ECN, $ 400
标准帐户,$ 100
迷你帐户,$ 10
热门付款方式 Credit Card Transfers, Bank Wire Transfers, Skrill, Neteller, Local Deposits, WebMoney, QIWI purse, OKPAY, Perfect Money, Boleto Bancario, TBL
其他仪器 Precious metals, Currencies, World Indices, Oil, CFD, CFD_RU
语言 English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Malay, Thai
平台 MetaTrader4/5, Sirix
代理类型 ECN
基础 2005

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